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What are the advantages of owning a horse ranch?

You get live around the animals you love. If you’re lucky you get to breed animals that are better than the generation before. You can train and show those animals to confirm and assert your success in those areas.

You also get to work hard everyday mucking out stalls and pastures. Unless you’re wealthy enough to hire a lot of help, you’ll be loading and unloading 40–50 lb. bales of hay. If you live in cold/snow country you’ll need to go out to the pasture once or twice a day during the winter to take an ax or chainsaw to the ice on the water troughs.

Riding horses means lots of accoutrements. Saddles, bridles, blankets, pads, halters, leads, wraps, hoof pucks…you get the idea. And of course, there are regular vet bills. Having horses means hauling them to arenas, forest trails and vet clinics. That requires large heavy duty trucks and horse trailers.

An Arabian horse farm manager once quoted an old adage to me about the expense of owning a breeding/horse ranch. When asked,” How do you make a million dollars breeding horses?” He replied, “ Well, first you start out with $5 million…!”

Owning a horse ranch is fun and rewarding but it’s also expensive and a lot of dirty, hard work. But if you love your horses and enjoy riding, training them and just being around them every day there’s nothing better!!


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